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List org::jdom::Element::getAdditionalNamespaces (  )  [inline]

Returns a list of the additional namespace declarations on this element. This includes only additional namespace, not the namespace of the element itself, which can be obtained through getNamespace(). If there are no additional declarations, this returns an empty list. Note, the returned list is unmodifiable.

a List of the additional namespace declarations

Definition at line 380 of file Element.java.

References additionalNamespaces.

Referenced by org::jdom::Verifier::checkNamespaceCollision().

        // Not having the returned list be live allows us to avoid creating a
        // new list object when XMLOutputter calls this method on an element
        // with an empty list.
        if (additionalNamespaces == null) {
            return Collections.EMPTY_LIST;
        return Collections.unmodifiableList(additionalNamespaces);

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