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edu::xtec::jclic::report::rp::Report Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for edu::xtec::jclic::report::rp::Report:

edu::xtec::jclic::report::rp::BasicReport edu::xtec::jclic::report::rp::Basic edu::xtec::jclic::report::rp::ReportsRequestProcessor edu::xtec::servlet::RequestProcessor edu::xtec::jclic::ReportServerConstants edu::xtec::jclic::report::rp::ActReport edu::xtec::jclic::report::rp::GroupReport edu::xtec::jclic::report::rp::UserReport

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Detailed Description

Francesc Busquets (fbusquets@xtec.net)

Definition at line 37 of file Report.java.

Public Member Functions

void body (java.io.PrintWriter out) throws Exception
void end ()
String formatTime (int secs)
String getCookie (String name)
Date getDateParam (String name, Date defaultValue, boolean atMidnight)
String getHeader (String headerName)
java.util.Vector getHeaders (String headerName)
InputStream getInputStream ()
int getIntParam (String name, int defaultValue)
String getMsg (String key)
String getParam (String name, int index)
String getParam (String name)
String getParamNotNull (String name)
Object[] getParams (String name)
abstract String getTitle (ResourceBundle bundle)
abstract String getUrl ()
void head (java.io.PrintWriter out) throws Exception
void header (Vector v)
void header (java.util.Vector v)
boolean init () throws Exception
boolean noCache ()
void process (java.io.PrintWriter out) throws Exception
void process (java.io.OutputStream out) throws Exception
void setCookie (String name, String value)
void setCookies (java.util.Map map)
void setHeaders (java.util.Map map)
void setInputStream (InputStream is)
void setParam (String name, String[] value)
void setParam (String name, String value)
void setParams (java.util.Map map)
void standardHeader (java.io.PrintWriter out, String title, String menu) throws Exception
boolean usesWriter ()
String[][] vectorToArray (Vector v, boolean isCompoundObject, String wildCardKey, String wildCardMsg)
String[][] vectorToArray (Vector v, boolean isCompoundObject)
String[][] vToArray (Vector v, int keyIndex, int valueIndex)
String[][] vToArray (Vector v, String wildCardKey, String wildCardMsg)
boolean wantsInputStream ()

Static Public Member Functions

static String buttonAction (String action, String text, String extra)
static String buttonTo (String url, String text, String extra)
static void config (Map prop)
static String escape (String input)
static String filter (String input)
static String[] getFormattedNumbers ()
static String httpDate (Date date)
static synchronized void initJDBCBridge (String propFile) throws Exception
static String linkTo (String url, String text, String style)
static synchronized void loadProperties (String file) throws Exception
static void setDirectResources (boolean v)
static synchronized void setProperties (Properties prop)
static String toNbsp (String src)

Public Attributes

int errCode
String errMsg

Static Public Attributes

static final String ACTION = "action"
static final String ACTIVITY = "activity"
static final String AUTH = "AUTH"
static final String BUNDLE = "edu.xtec.resources.messages.reportMessages"
static final String CFG_FILE = "jclicReports.properties"
static final String CHANGE = "change"
static final String CHARSET = "ISO-8859-1"
static final String CONTENT_TYPE = "CONTENT_TYPE"
static final String COOKIE = "COOKIE"
static final String DATE = "date"
static final int DEFAULT_SELECT_WIDTH = 180
static final long DEFAULT_SESSION_LIFETIME = 20L
static final String EDIT = "edit"
static final String ERROR = "ERROR"
static final String EXTRA = "EXTRA"
static final String FALSE = "false"
static final String GRAPH_COLOR_ALERT = "graph_color_alert"
static final String GRAPH_COLOR_BG = "graph_color_bg"
static final String GRAPH_COLOR_BORDER = "graph_color_border"
static final String GRAPH_COLOR_DIST = "graph_color_dist"
static final String GRAPH_COLOR_HEADER_BG = "graph_color_header_bg"
static final String GRAPH_COLOR_HEADER_TEXT = "graph_color_header_text"
static final String GRAPH_COLOR_TEXT = "graph_color_text"
static final String GRAPH_COLOR_V1 = "graph_color_v1"
static final String GRAPH_COLOR_V2 = "graph_color_v2"
static final String GRAPH_DIST_WIDTH = "graph_dist_width"
static final String GRAPH_DIV_Y = "graph_div_y"
static final String GRAPH_FONT_FAMILY = "graph_font_family"
static final String GRAPH_FONT_SIZE = "graph_font_size"
static final String GRAPH_HEADER_HEIGHT = "graph_header_height"
static final String GRAPH_HEIGHT = "graph_height"
static final String GRAPH_MARGIN = "graph_margin"
static final String GRAPH_MARGIN_DIST_X = "graph_margin_dist_x"
static final String GRAPH_MARGIN_DIST_Y = "graph_margin_dist_y"
static final String GRAPH_MARGIN_X = "graph_margin_x"
static final String GRAPH_MARGIN_Y = "graph_margin_y"
static final String GRAPH_MAX_COLS = "graph_max_cols"
static final String GRAPH_STROKE_WIDTH = "graph_stroke_width"
static final String GRAPH_WIDTH = "graph_width"
static final String GROUP = "group"
static final int GRP = 1
static final String HTTP_AUTOSTART = "http_autostart"
static final int HTTP_BAD_REQUEST = 400
static final String HTTP_LOGFILE = "http_logFile"
static final int HTTP_NOT_FOUND = 404
static final String HTTP_PORT = "http_port"
static final String HTTP_TIMEOUT = "http_timeout"
static final int HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED = 401
static final String HTTP_VERBOSE = "http_verbose"
static final String[] KCC = {"sessionKey", "sessionCode", "sessionContext"}
static final String[] KCC_LABELS = {"report_key", "report_code", "report_context"}
static final String LANG = "lang"
static final String LANGUAGE = "language"
static final String LOOK = "lookAndFeel"
static final String MAIN_FORM = "mainForm"
static final String NEW = "new"
static final String ON = "on"
static final String PID = "pid"
static final int PRJ = 2
static final String PROJECT = "project"
static final String PWD = "pwd"
static final String REDIRECT = "REDIRECT"
static final String RETRY = "retry"
static final File SDIR = new File(System.getProperty("java.io.tmpdir"))
static final String SESSION = "session"
static final String SESSION_LIFETIME = "session_lifetime"
static final String TOOLTIPS = "tooltips"
static final String TRUE = "true"
static final int UNKNOWN = -1
static final String USER = "user"
static final int USR = 0
static final String WILDCARD = "-1"

Protected Member Functions

boolean checkAuth ()
void endBody (java.io.PrintWriter out)
void endHead (java.io.PrintWriter out)
int getAction (String[] actions, int defaultAction)
boolean getBoolParam (String paramStr, String expectedValue)
Vector getSessionList () throws Exception
void grafic (StringBuffer sb, String type, boolean dist, boolean withHeader) throws Exception
void linkScript (String file, java.io.PrintWriter out)
void linkStyle (String fileScreen, String filePrint, java.io.PrintWriter out)
void llista (StringBuffer sb, String selectName, boolean submitOnChange, String defaultOption, String[][] values, String selectedValue, int width)
void llistaActivitats (StringBuffer sb, Vector v) throws Exception
void llistaSessions (StringBuffer sb, Vector v, boolean expandable, String className, String style) throws Exception
void resumGlobal (StringBuffer sb, Vector v, String className, String style) throws Exception
void resumTD (StringBuffer sb, String td1, String td2)
void startBody (java.io.PrintWriter out)
void startHead (java.io.PrintWriter out)
void title (String prefix, String title, java.io.PrintWriter out)
void writeGoScript (StringBuffer sb)
void writeScript (String text, java.io.PrintWriter out)
void writeSessionScript (StringBuffer sb)
void zona (StringBuffer sb, String descKey, String selectName, boolean submitOnChange, String defaultOption, String[][] values, String selectedValue, boolean showList, int width)
void zonaData (StringBuffer sb)
void zonaParams (StringBuffer sb)

Static Protected Member Functions

static String resourceUrl (String resource)
static String urlParam (String url, String key, String value)
static StringBuffer urlParamSb (StringBuffer sb, String key, String value, boolean first)

Protected Attributes

String activityName
String auth
ResourceBundle bundle
String change
DateManager dm
String groupId
Vector groups
boolean isEditable = true
String[] kcc
String lang
String[] months
NumberFormat numberFormat
String opcioDefecte
String pageId
String projectName
Vector projects
boolean retry
Object[] session
DateFormat shortDateFormat
int type = UNKNOWN
String userId
Vector users
boolean userTables = true
DateFormat veryShortDateFormat

Static Protected Attributes

static ReportServerJDBCBridge bridge
static HashMap localeObjects = new HashMap()
static Properties prop
static HashMap properties = new HashMap()
static HashMap sessions = new HashMap()

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