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edu::xtec::jclic::clic3::Clic3Activity Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class encapsulates the main properties of a Clic 3.0 activity, and provides methods to load it from a data stream and to convert it to a JClic edu.xtec.jclic.Activity.
Francesc Busquets (fbusquets@xtec.net)

Definition at line 48 of file Clic3Activity.java.

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
 Clic3Activity (JClicProject project)
ActiveBagContent createActiveBagContent (int num) throws Exception
BoxBase getBoxBase (int i)
boolean load (String name, byte[] data)
void setActiveBagTextContent (ActiveBagContent abc, String[] txt, int setNcw, int setNch) throws Exception
void setActiveBagTextContent (ActiveBagContent abc, String[] setText, int setNcw, int setNch, double setW, double setH) throws Exception
void setActiveBoxTextContent (ActiveBoxContent abc, String tx) throws Exception

Static Public Member Functions

static void addActivityToBag (JClicProject project, String name) throws Exception
static void addPacToSequence (JClicProject project, String name) throws Exception
static String bufferToString (byte[] buffer)
static boolean copyArray (String[] dest, int indest, String[] source, int insource, int e, boolean upper)
static String[] dataToArray (byte[] data)
static int getExt (String fileName)
static boolean isClic3Extension (int ext)
static final String pacNameToLowerCase (String s)
static int parseIntX (String s, int radix)
static int parseIntX (String s)
static void readPccFile (JClicProject project) throws Exception
static String validFileName (String name)
static String validFileName (String name, boolean strict, boolean remember)

Public Attributes

String actd
int actMode
int[] ass = new int[MAXCW * MAXCH]
boolean avAcc
boolean avCont
boolean avDblSpc
boolean avLletra
boolean avMaj
int avMaxScope
boolean avNoSalta
int avPrevHelp
boolean avPunt
int avScope
int avTimePH
boolean[] bar = new boolean[2]
boolean barraAmunt
String bmpFons
boolean brPar
boolean btCorregir
int btTipus
String className = null
Color[] colorError = new Color[2]
Color[] colorFons = new Color[2]
TripleColor[] colors = new TripleColor[4]
Color[] colorUsuari = new Color[2]
boolean[] comptadors = new boolean[3]
int[] cont = new int[3]
String custHelpFile
boolean custHlp
boolean[] delim = new boolean[2]
byte[] dllOptions
String endMess
String fileDesc
String fileName
String[] fileNameCont = new String[3]
int graPos
String[] graTxt
String hlpTopic
String initMess
String initMessPrev
boolean invAss
Font[] logF = new Font[4]
boolean marcs
boolean mAss
int nch
int nctxh
int nctxw
int ncw
int[] nLines = new int[3]
boolean noAv
boolean noBV
int[] ntags = new int[2]
boolean okToNext
JClicProject project
int puzMode
boolean pwrp
int pwrx
int pwry
boolean pwTransp
String rgDLL
String rPath = null
boolean shDisk
boolean shHelp
boolean shPorta
boolean shPrint
boolean shPuz
boolean sol
boolean stretch
int tabSpc
String[][] tags = new String[2][]
boolean tileBmp
String txBase
String txBtCorregir
String txPrev
int txtCH
int txtCH2
int txtCW
int txtCW2
boolean useDLL

Static Public Attributes

static final int AB = 0
static final String ansiChars
static final int ASSOCIA = 3
static final int AUB = 2
static final int BA = 1
static final int BPARAGRAFS = 5
static final int BPARAULES = 4
static final int BUA = 3
static final char CHBLOCK = '\u008E'
static final char CHINC = '\u008F'
static final String CLICSTR = "CLIC120"
static final int CLICVER = 120
static final char COMODI = '*'
static final int COMPTEXT = 1
static final String convertFileChars
static final int CREUATS = 4
static final int DEF_CICLES = 30
static final int DEF_TXTCASH = 100
static final int DEF_TXTCASW = 140
static final int DOBLE = 2
static final char ENDDESC = '\u2021'
static final byte ENDDESC_BYTE = -121
static final int ESCRIU = 5
static final int ESPECIAL = 1
static final int EXPLORA = 2
static final int EXT_ASS = 5
static final int EXT_BMP = 0
static final int EXT_CRW = 6
static final int EXT_EXE = 13
static final int EXT_GIF = 1
static final int EXT_HLP = 11
static final int EXT_JPG = 16
static final int EXT_MID = 14
static final int EXT_MVB = 12
static final int EXT_PAC = 8
static final int EXT_PCC = 9
static final int EXT_PCG = 10
static final int EXT_PNG = 17
static final int EXT_PUZ = 3
static final int EXT_SOP = 4
static final int EXT_TXA = 7
static final int EXT_TXT = 2
static final int EXT_WAV = 15
static final String extName []
static final int FORAT = 1
static final int FORATS = 0
static final int IDENTIFICA = 4
static final int IDLLETRES = 2
static final int IDPARAULES = 3
static final int INFO = 3
static final int INTERC = 0
static final int MEMORY = 3
static final int NEGRE = 160
static final int NO_EXT = -1
static final int NONE = 0
static final int NORMAL = 0
static final int PUZZLE = 1
static final char SEP = '\u0090'
static final char SEPARADOR = ';'
static final int SOPA = 2
static final int TEXTACT = 5
static final int TOO_MUCH_CELLS = 14
static final int UNKNOWN_EXT = 18
static final String validFileChars = ".:\\_!~0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"

Static Protected Member Functions

static int correctColor (int color)
static Color strToColor (String st)

Protected Attributes

ActiveBagContent[] abcCopy = new ActiveBagContent[3]

Static Protected Attributes

static final String BLANK = ""
static final String COMMA = ","
static final Color DEFAULT_BACK_COLOR = new Color(0xC0, 0xC0, 0xC0)
static final Color DEFAULT_COLOR_ERROR_0 = Color.white
static final Color DEFAULT_COLOR_ERROR_1 = Color.red
static final Color DEFAULT_COLOR_USUARI_0 = Color.blue
static final TripleColor DEFAULT_TRIPLE_COLOR = new TripleColor(Color.white, Color.black, Color.gray, false)
static final int MAXCH = 20
static final int MAXCW = 20
static final int MAXGH = 10
static final int MAXGW = 21

Package Functions

Font stringToFont (String s)
TripleColor stringToTripleColor (String str)

Static Private Attributes

static final Boolean BF = new Boolean(false)

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