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edu::xtec::jclic::ExtendedPlayer Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for edu::xtec::jclic::ExtendedPlayer:

edu::xtec::jclic::Player edu::xtec::jclic::Constants edu::xtec::jclic::RunnableComponent edu::xtec::jclic::PlayStation edu::xtec::util::ResourceBridge

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Detailed Description

Francesc Busquets (fbusquets@xtec.net)

Definition at line 48 of file ExtendedPlayer.java.

Public Member Functions

void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
void activate ()
void activityFinished (boolean completedOk)
void addTo (javax.swing.RootPaneContainer cont, Object constraints)
void addTo (RootPaneContainer cont, Object constraints)
void closeHelpWindow ()
void displayUrl (URL url, boolean inFrame)
void displayUrl (String url, boolean inFrame)
void doAutoStart ()
void doLayout ()
void end ()
void exit (String url)
void exit ()
 ExtendedPlayer (Options options)
void forceFinishActivity ()
Action getAction (int id)
edu.xtec.jclic.media.ActiveMediaPlayer getActiveMediaPlayer (edu.xtec.jclic.media.MediaContent mediaContent)
ActiveMediaPlayer getActiveMediaPlayer (MediaContent mediaContent)
JComponent getComponent ()
int getCounterValue (int counterId)
Cursor getCustomCursor (int type)
PlayerHistory getHistory ()
Messages getMessages ()
String getMsg (String key)
Options getOptions ()
java.io.InputStream getProgressInputStream (java.io.InputStream is, int expectedLength, String name)
InputStream getProgressInputStream (InputStream is, int expectedLength, String name)
Skin getSkin ()
Component getTopComponent ()
void incCounterValue (int counterId)
void initActivity ()
void load (final String sFullPath, final String sSequence, final String sActivity, final ActivityBagElement sAbe)
boolean load (String fullPath, String sequence)
boolean newInstanceRequest (final String param1, final String param2)
void paintComponent (Graphics g)
void playMedia (edu.xtec.jclic.media.MediaContent mediaContent, edu.xtec.jclic.boxes.ActiveBox mediaPlacement)
void playMedia (final MediaContent mediaContent, final ActiveBox mediaPlacement)
void playMsg ()
void removeActivity ()
void reportEndActivity (Activity act, boolean solved)
void reportNewAction (Activity act, String type, String source, String dest, boolean ok, int currentScore)
void reportNewActivity (Activity act, int currentScore)
void requestFocus ()
void setCountDown (int counterId, int maxValue)
void setCounterEnabled (int counterId, boolean bEnabled)
void setCounterValue (int counterId, int newValue)
Messages setMessages ()
void setMsg (edu.xtec.jclic.boxes.ActiveBoxContent abc)
void setMsg (ActiveBoxContent abc)
void setSkin (Skin newSkin)
void setSystemMessage (String msg1, String msg2)
void setWaitCursor (boolean state)
void setWindowTitle ()
void setWindowTitle (String docTitle)
boolean showHelp (javax.swing.JComponent hlpComponent, String hlpMsg)
boolean showHelp (JComponent hlpComponent, String hlpMsg)
boolean start (String fullPath, String sequence)
void startActivity (Activity.Panel ap)
void startAutoPassTimer ()
void stop ()
void stopMedia (int level)
void stopMedia ()
boolean windowCloseRequested ()

Static Public Attributes

static final int AC_MARGIN = 6
static final int ACTION_ABOUT = NUM_ACTIONS+5
static final int ACTION_AUDIO = 6
static final int ACTION_EXIT = NUM_ACTIONS+2
static final int ACTION_HELP = 5
static final String[] ACTION_ICONS
static final String[] ACTION_ICONS_EXT
static final int ACTION_INFO = 4
static final String[] ACTION_NAME = {"prev", "next", "return", "reset", "info", "help", "audio", "about"}
static final String[] ACTION_NAME_EXT = {"openFile", "openUrl", "exit", "settings", "libraries", "helpAbout"}
static final int ACTION_NEXT = 1
static final int ACTION_OPEN_URL = NUM_ACTIONS+1
static final int ACTION_PREV = 0
static final int ACTION_REPORTS = 7
static final int ACTION_RESET = 3
static final int ACTION_RETURN = 2
static final int ACTION_SETTINGS = NUM_ACTIONS+3
static final int ACTIONS_COUNTER = 1
static final String ACTIVITY_OBJECT = "activity"
static final String AUDIO_ENABLED = "audioEnabled"
static final java.awt.Color BG_COLOR = new java.awt.Color(239, 247, 221)
static final String COMMON_SETTINGS = "commonSettings"
static final String COMPRESS_IMAGES = "compressImages"
static final String COOKIE = "cookie"
static final String[] counterNames = {"score", "actions", "time"}
static final String DEFAULT = "default"
static final String DEFAULT_APP_NAME = "JClic"
static final String DEFAULT_BUNDLE = "messages.JClicMessages"
static final String[] DEFAULT_EVENT_SOUNDS
static final
DEFAULT_RENDERING_HINTS = new java.awt.RenderingHints(null)
static final String DEFAULT_REPORTER = "Reporter"
static final String DEFAULT_SKIN = "@default.xml"
static final String ENABLED = "enabled"
static final String EXIT_URL = "exitUrl"
static final String EXTERNAL_OBJECT = "external"
static final String FALSE = "false"
static final int HAND_CURSOR = 0
static final String ID = "id"
static final String INFO_URL_FRAME = "infoUrlFrame"
static final String JMF = "Java Media Framework"
static final String LOGO_ICON = "icons/logo.png"
static final String MEDIA_OBJECT = "media"
static final String MEDIA_SYSTEM = "mediaSystem"
static final String[] MEDIA_SYSTEMS = {DEFAULT, JMF, QT}
static final String MESSAGES_BUNDLE = "messages.PlayerMessages"
static final int MIN_CELL_SIZE = 10
static final String NAV_BUTTONS_ALWAYS = "navButtonsAlways"
static final String NO_MEDIASYSTEM_WARN = "NoMediaSystemWarn"
static final int NUM_ACTIONS = 8
static final int NUM_ACTIONS_EXT = NUM_ACTIONS+6
static final int NUM_COUNTERS = 3
static final int OK_CURSOR = 1
static final String PRE_DRAW_IMAGES = "preDrawImages"
static final String PROGRAM = "JClic"
static final String PROJECT_OBJECT = "project"
static final String QT = "QuickTime"
static final String QT61 = "QuickTime 6.1"
static final int REC_CURSOR = 2
static final String REPORTER_CLASS = "reporter"
static final String REPORTER_PARAMS = "reporterParams"
static final int SCORE_COUNTER = 0
static final String SEQUENCE_OBJECT = "sequence"
static final String SKIN = "skin"
static final String SKIN_OBJECT = "skin"
static final String SYSTEM_SOUNDS = "systemSounds"
static final int T_ACTIVITY = 0x0001
static final int T_ANIM = 0x0100
static final int T_AUDIO = 0x0020
static final int T_CLIC = 0x1000
static final int T_EXTERNAL = 0x0008
static final int T_FONT = 0x0400
static final int T_IMAGE = 0x0010
static final int T_INST = 0x2000
static final int T_JCLIC = 0x0800
static final int T_MEDIA
static final int T_MIDI = 0x0040
static final int T_SEQUENCE = 0x0002
static final int T_TEXT = 0x8000
static final int T_UNKNOWN_MEDIA = 0x4000
static final int T_URL = 0x0004
static final int T_VIDEO = 0x0080
static final int T_XML = 0x0200
static final int TIME_COUNTER = 2
static final String TRACE = "trace"
static final String TRUE = "true"
static final String URL_BASE = "urlBase"
static final String URL_OBJECT = "url"

Protected Member Functions

void addRecentFile (String fName)
void buildActions ()
void checkMenu (boolean recreate)
void createCursors ()
void createEventSounds ()
FileSystem createFileSystem ()
void createMenu ()
void doInstall (String fileName)
void finalize () throws Throwable
Icon getActionIcon (int actionId)
String getActionName (int actionId)
int getNumActions ()
void init ()
void initReporter ()
void initSkin ()
void initTimers ()
void launchProjectLibrary (ProjectLibrary pl)
void postCreateMenu ()
boolean processActionEvent (String ac)
void runCmd (String cmd)
void setActionsText ()
void setBackgroundSettings (Activity act)
void setProject (JClicProject p)
void showAbout (boolean selectReportPane)
void updateRecentFilesMenu ()

Protected Attributes

Action[] actions
ActiveMediaBag activeMediaBag
JMenu activityMenu
Activity.Panel actPanel
String appName = DEFAULT_APP_NAME
boolean audioEnabled = true
Skin defaultSkin
EventSounds eventSounds
JMenu fileMenu
JMenu helpMenu
PlayerHistory history
JMenuBar menuBar
Messages messages
boolean navButtonsAlways = false
boolean navButtonsDisabled = false
JClicProject project
JMenu recentFilesMenu
int recentFilesOffset
Reporter reporter
PlayerSettings settings
Skin skin
Timer timer
JMenu toolsMenu
boolean trace = false

Package Functions

JMenuItem createMenuItem (JComponent parent, String text, String actionCommand, boolean mnemonic, KeyStroke accelerator)

Package Attributes

Point bgImageOrigin = new Point()
int[] counterVal = new int[NUM_COUNTERS]
Object currentConstraints
Cursor[] cursors = new Cursor[3]
JFrame debugFrame = null
Action delayedAction
Timer delayedTimer
Options options
Image splashImg

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